Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Decorating


Sebastian and I were hard at work all last weekend and this week to get all of the Christmas decorations up and looking fabulous before Jonathan's family came into town this past weekend. It has been a successful few days and I think our house looks quite festive.

Sebastian's Christmas present...it looks quite cute under the tree!

The entrance way tree
There are too many decorations to put pictures of them all up, but the house looks fabulously festive :)
I love it when the decorations are finally up and the Christmas movies begin to play! "Muppets Christmas Carol" is my favorite Christmas film, but I also like "Fred Claus" and "Family Stone". Our Christmas tree was hand picked thanksgiving weekend, Jonathan helped cut it down and put it up. I actually decorated the most this year than I have ever before, being on maternity leave gives me a little bit more time to get some stuff done. I have been working some from home and go back to work full time after the holidays, I am not looking forward to it but I will be ready. Sebastian will go with me and become the cutie of the office :)

I want to make holiday cookies this week...I have one last bit to decorate outside this coming week and after that its all about enjoying the holiday traditions. The Christmas music has already been playing in our household...I LOVE IT!!! Sebastian is really enjoying the lights...white lights are his favorite. They captivate him the few minutes that he is awake and not eating.

Uncle Sam holding Sebastian so I could put up some of the decorations
He has such gorgeous big eyes
When the light is just right, his hair has a strawberry tint to it.
Love my little Santa Clause!
Jonathan gets finished with his semester on the 15th, I am super excited about that cause then we will get to spend some time together while I am on my final few days of maternity leave.

At his first concert, Transyberian Orchestra
With his daddy
Exhausted after the concert
Chilling on the couch
Decorating outside, enjoying the not so freezing weather
Wonderful Family Picture

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  1. LOVE all the family pictures! You have been one busy, decorating lady! Your house looks great, and so festive!!