Thursday, July 7, 2011

Very annoying Robin

So what do you do when you work in an office lined by windows that go floor to ceiling and when what usually is a nice view of bushes becomes a pecking Robin's heaven? I have a bird problem! Yes, it is a gorgeous little bird...yes, I am usually very fond of birds and yes, I love to watch them chirp and fly and peck all around my house BUT peck at my office window from 7:30am till its well past closing....I THINK NOT! She sits at the bottom of my windows and pecks and pecks and pecks and flies at them and taps on them and scratches at them for hours on end! She never quits, she never gets the hint, she NEVER goes away!

I have tried lining the window with paper in the hopes that it would block her refection...NOPE!
I have tried scaring her away but she just loves seeing my face apparently!
I have tried tapping back!
I have tried throwing crumbs of food at her in the hopes that she would eat and run!
NOTHING WORKS!!! I can't concentrate, focus or formulate a thought with the constant pecking ringing in my ears. Even my receptionist, who sits a whole office away, can hear her tapping on the window endlessly.


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