Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Shower

Little Man's Baby Shower!!!

Kelly, Kristyn and Mom threw me and the little guy a fabulous baby shower this past Saturday! The decorations went up smoothly, the cake was beautiful, the gifts were very plentiful, and the company was fabulous! This little guy is going to be very warmly welcomed into this world!

Kelly getting ready!

Kristyn staying busy!

The ceiling decorations!

THE GIFTS, OMG, we had so many gifts...I can tell we are loved and this little guy is going to be spoiled!

Jonathan finished helping with the heavy lifting and then was off for some MAN TIME with the boys!

Dory got to stay at the party and be spoiled as well, Sawyer went with Jonathan (no boys allowed)!

Munching on some fruits and veggies!

Sitting around the cake and talking!

Lilly found the cheese...she was such a great server!

The cake! So cute, the shoes are an ornament that we can use for his first Christmas!

Lilly was such a great helper when I was opening gifts! She checked for cards and even opened a few when I wasn't looking...the perks of being four!

I don't know why I look puzzled here...deep in thought I guess!

Victoria, Louetta and Megan!

Denise, Michelle, Allison, Cristin, and Katelynn!

We had such a great time and got just about EVERYTHING we will need to raise the little man! Mamie was the biggest for babies is just too much fun! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR COMING AND CELEBRATING WITH US! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

A special Thanks to Kelly for planning it all and setting it all up...I know it was difficult!
Thank you Kristyn for flying up from Florida to be here for it!
Thank you Mom for already loving our little man so very much!

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  1. Wow! Great shower!! Glad y'all had a great time and you got so many things you can use! :)

    And um, I'm still quite shocked that you do not resemble a pregnant person in the least yet. What is going on??? Have you no fried chicken cravings yet??? ;) hehe