Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Shower Prep & More Nursery

Kristyn is flying into town tomorrow night...very exciting, since it is the only time she can visit before our little one arrives, SO we are having the baby shower this Saturday! I am actually very excited to be having it early because I am at the stage in my pregnancy where I still feel good and not totally too big to even move. Kelly and Mom have been feverishly planning and plotting for a fun filled few hours of all baby BOY!

If I know my mom, and I know her pretty well, she has gone overboard but that's why I LOVE HER! She is going to spoil this little man beyond belief! The first grandson, how could she not!?!

Mom also came over to look at the nursery and plot out the detail painting of Winnie and his friends on the wall...we came up with some wonderful 3D ideas and planned out who was going to be on which walls. I can't wait to show everyone the progress and see the finished product...Our little man is going to love to be in his room!

Well, that's all the update I have for now but more to come :) And plenty of pictures of the Baby Shower!

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