Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Another year in the books for adorable costumes and wonderful memories. Paisley was the best Cindy Lou Who ever...she played the part perfectly with her oh-so-sweet "twick o tweet!" She was loving this tradition and would have continued all night if possible. She was even so sweet as to tell one household "only one!" When they tried to give her two pieces. 

She was daddy's buddy all night.

Sebastian made a perfect policeman. He wore the uniform well!

He is just so is hilarious to do anything with him. He really examined every decoration and costume. He only last half the night. He quickly decided that he had enough candy and would rather sit in the wagon. 

Milo was just too adorable for words. If he finds something cool or exciting he exhales heavily and points. There was a lot of pointing last night. He was intrigued by all the scary skeletons. 

Did I also mention what an adorable inmate he made. True to form, he continuously tried to escape from his policeman. 

We always enjoy going with our sweet cousins. Emma was a beautiful butterfly, Lilly a white witch and little Jessa an adorable owl. We all had a blast and got way more candy then we can ever eat!

Hope you all had a fun Halloween with your little ones. 

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