Monday, November 9, 2015

Dominican Republic ~ Summer 2015

Over this past summer, we went on an amazing trip to the Dominican Republic with the whole Roth clan. What an adventure we is always an adventure when you travel to a foreign country with that many people, especially that many children! It always makes me pull my hair out to handle just my children on an airplane, particularly a five hour plane ride.

I would say Milo was our most difficult as he was at the age of wanting to MOVE. Our room was beautiful as the resort was immaculate! Our only critique was the staff. It was clear that they favored the spanish speaking population. We seemed like an aggrivation to them, but the facilities were wonderful.

We tried to maximize our selfies!

Our little family of five!

They loved this little kids pool near the buffet. It was the perfect height for them.
This little guy was trying so hard to walk...he had not quite mastered it yet.

She was always excited to eat.

Nothing like snuggles with your older brother while you watch cartoons.

The sunglasses crew, how handsome and beautiful they all looked.

He had the standing thing down.
We got to meet some pretty cool animals during our stay. Sebastian loved it.

Let's just say that the sand was the kids favorite part but definitely not mommies. It is so difficult to have crawler not a walker when on the beach...they have sand everywhere. Paisley loved the sand and didn't mind being covered in it. Sebastian was not so fond of it and Milo was just a mess!

Thankfully, Uncle Kamerin was okay with playing in it.

All the cousins together: (From the left) Emma, Jessa, Paisley, Sebastian, Lilly and Milo.

I'm not sure if we were allowed, no one ever said anything, but playing in this fountain was a nightly love of the kids. The had concerts every night which were not their favorite but we always made sure we stopped by this gem to let them play for awhile.

We loved dressing up for dinner every night.

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Mike.

Nighttime walks followed by nighttime coffee drinking in your underwear.

Jonathan and I were blessed to get a date night to ourselves. We loved it...private couples massage followed by a lovely dinner and walk along the beach.

Back on the beach.

We watched all the kids one night and the poor boys were ambushed by the girls...lots of salon time and bows!

Getting ready to leave, sad but ready to go home.

This plane ride was not pleasant...everyone was ready to be home and the kids were just not having it.

This guy seemed happy but that is not how he looked for most of the ride.
So, that was the Dominican Republic adventure of the Summer 2015!

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