Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's a park kind of day...

After a busy Labor Day weekend, Sebastian, Paisley and I have been cleaning, organizing and sorting everything in the house! The playroom us remarkably clean...I am under no presumptions that it will stay this way for long but it's nice to see it clean anyway!

Today, we decided to take a little time off from the chores and head to the playground. 

Paisley loved being in her first public swing!

We found some wishing puffs on our walk back home, Sebastian loves them and I love the face he makes blowing them!

After nap time, we tried to see if Paisley would taste some juice. Being solely breastfed has been great for her health but not her taste buds. She is also teething terribly so just chewing on the bottle was good. 

Then Sebastian decided to assist.

He also tested the good to ensure safety!

We ended the afternoon with a bowl full of Jell-O!

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