Monday, September 9, 2013

Paisley's 5 Months Old

My baby girl is five months old, I can't believe it! I hoped and dreamed that one day I would have a little girl to dress up and dote on and now that she is here time is flying! I love making her look girly and to be honest I don't think she minds at all. She gives me the biggest grin every time I put a headband or bow in her hair, probably because I talk to her the whole time but I do so hope she is a girly girl when she grows up!

She weighed in at 15.3 lbs and 24 inches long at her 4 month appointment, so growing quite nicely. She does NOT sleep through the night, in fact, she barely sleeps more than two hours straight! She is an extremely light sleeper and day or night she wakes up at the slightest of noises. I haven't gotten a good nights sleep in two years but I haven't gotten more than three hours straight since April 2nd! It's a small price to pay but it would sure be nice to get even six hours let alone a whole night. We have even tried the swing at night for a few extra hours but it buys us about 30 minutes.

She is still solely breastfed and there are no plans on that changing anytime soon. She refuses all other substances anywhere near her tongue. I have started to let her chew on a bottle nipple with apple juice just so she gets used to other flavors and's a work in progress.

Paisley adores her big brother! She just grins as wide as can be every time she sees him. If she starts crying and I'm in the middle of something, I'll ask Sebastian to go talk to her and she usually stops as soon as he engages her. 

She is finally at the stage of reaching for things and trying to bring them to her mouth. She is drooling like mastiff...OMG, we soak a few bibs each day! She loves mirrors and had her first real rolling giggle while staring at herself in one (see Facebook video)! She also adores movies and television, she is drawn to those fabulous moving pictures! She enjoys sitting in her bouncer (something Sebastian never tolerated) and she is in a Mommy phase, only mama can seem to calm her down.

Due to a lifetime of only nursing, she has developed an aversion to all other substances and flavors in her mouth. She is gagging with everything from water to juice to baby cookies and tylenol, no matter how much or little we give. So, we have begun Operation Introduce...we are trying to giver her tastes of everything in an effort to develop those tastebuds and kick the aversion in the booty. So far, we have a lot of gagging but she is enjoying chewing on the nipple of a bottle, I think it feels good on her gums. Nutritionally, she doesn't need anything in addition to breastfeeding, we don't have any plans to take her off of breastmilk until she turns 1 year old so we are introducing strictly for texture and taste purposes.

Paisley has become quite vocal lately, she babbles about all sorts of things and just LOVES to be spoken to, especially when it is Sebastian who is giving her attention! She is a spunky 5 month old and we all love her to death!

Keep growing happy and healthy, baby girl!

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