Friday, September 27, 2013

Well on our way to being the BIG 2!

I am running out of time to gain sympathy from people when I say I have two children under the age of 2! The preparations are well underway for Sebastian's 2nd birthday party and it will be a hit! No, we will not be tying 200 balloons to the top of the house again :( but we have some other treats in store, nothing too fancy but by golly you know I chose a theme and ran with it! He absolutely adores baseball (well, all sports actually) so it only seemed natural to go with a vintage baseball theme. I'll save the party planning for another post, for now I wanted to reflect on the last 23 months of our crazy but FABULOUS life with the best little man in the world.

Time really has flown by!!! I was born to be a mama...anyone in my family will tell you that I have always adored babies and wanted nothing more than to have a few of my own. It seems as though you wait your whole life to be called that one special word you used so frequently in childhood, "Mom!" Now that I am a mom of two, can you believe it, I feel like the years are flying by. I remember finding out I was pregnant with Sebastian and the flood of emotions that came with it and now I am planning his 2nd birthday party!

I was looking through old albums and videos with him the other day, he loves watching videos and seeing pictures of himself, and I was on the brink of tears (which is VERY unusual for me). I find myself missing the strawberry blonde little chunk who melted everyone's hearts (he still has that skill). He looks and acts so much older than his age...all I hear when people meet him is "he is wise beyond his age for sure!" I am grateful everyday that he got his Daddy's wonderful sense of humor! He is a character unlike any other, so full of charm and genuine caring for others but also full of energy and all things boy! There is a little bit of me in there too, he is stubborn as hell and bossy and of course got his beautiful golden locks and skin from his dear old mama! But it is mostly all Daddy, I know he will be a great man, husband and father someday...just like his Daddy.

Some pictures to reflect upon: (and possibly tear up again)

So very thankful for the technology to document every milestone...small, medium and large! Two years old here we come!!!

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