Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Chic has ARRIVED!

It feels like I have been waiting to finish all these little tasks when it comes to the new nursery! I ordered a few items online and they have finally arrived.

Jonathan assembled the crib, with Sebastian's help of course!

I finished antiquing the furniture...finally done, it wasn't difficult, just time consuming! The baby bedding is also almost complete...same thing, not difficult, just time consuming. We finished the bed skirt this past weekend and only have the curtains and diaper stacker left. The curtains shouldn't take too long cause it mostly all one piece.

I have not actually nailed anything to the walls yet, I was waiting to get all the pieces of furniture in there before seeing where things should go on the walls. I found some really cute cottage looking pink shelves to put some trinkets on, a pink and cream colored growth chart and a very cute shabby chic looking bunny rabbit hanging from a wooden stick swing to use for the mobile. It has been easier than I thought to find cute things for her room, especially with Easter not too far away. We are not really doing a bunny theme but the bunny I have for the inspiration is the perfect colors I wanted to go with so the bunny cuteness has stayed.

After trying to fit into the little itty, bitty baby shoes...

He was thrilled at the prospect of watching Mommy vacuum his room and the baby's room. I will never understand his obsession with vacuum cleaners, maybe he will engineer the next multi-million dollar Dyson company!

After a little cleaning and rearranging, it is finally starting to look like a nursery.

I am hoping it will be all put together by the end of this month! I think we can do it!!!

I want to leave you with something to smile about...check out this character who thinks Mr. Potato Head's glasses look better on him!

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  1. Love the crib!!! So pretty and girlie... too funny with Sebastian and the shoes :)