Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sebastian's First Snow

This past weekend we had a pleasant surprise....it SNOWED! I didn't even know the forecast called for it, shows how much I watch the news. Last year was a tad disappointing as we didn't get any white fluffy stuff, we usually get some at least once a year! It was a great little Saturday surprise and Sebastian loved it!

I bundled him from head to toe....and had to KEEP putting items back on him as he was not understanding why he needed to wear a hat, gloves, coat, shoes, socks, etc. It has merely been to warm here this winter and he has rarely worn a coat let alone gloves and a hat! Anyway, he looked quite cute...my little Michelin man!

Okay, I'll admit I went a tad crazy with the pictures here:

He was hilarious once we got outside...it had hardly accumulated on the ground but was coming down in a thick white sheet. He was all about just standing there trying to figure out what this weird stuff was. He didn't try to eat it, or touch it...just walked around in it and repeatedly let his gloves fall off! It became quite the cute routine as he would lose a glove and stand there staring at it all stiff, pointing and saying "ooooohhhhoooo" (secret translation of Mom! Dad! Someone come put this back on!) Jonathan and I were far more content to sit under the shelter of the porch as he explored the walkway and driveway. We stayed out for about 45 mins before I determined I like my baby warm and un-frost bitten! He was none too happy with us but I made him a cup of warm hot cocoa in his sippy cup and he soon forgot.

For some reason he really enjoys laying in Dory's bed with her.
Overnight, it finally started to stick and Sunday morning there was a good bit on the ground! Sebastian stood at the back door begging to go out in it all morning. We learned that Mamie and Pops got about double what we did, so we decided to make a quick trip to their house before playing in it (ours was mostly muddy grass snow). When we got there, the little booger would have nothing to do with it! He was more scared of the snow than intrigued this time. He watched his uncles and Daddy have a few snowball fights and then was ready to play "foof ball".

We did learn a few useful things before we head out for our Colorado Ski Trip this week, so it was a nice introduction to the cold that is soon to come!

Sebastian's vocabulary is getting quite extensive! It is very cute because he is talking to us, it is just a very different dialect. The easy ones consist of: Dada, Mom, kiddy (kitty), dog-gie, Dix-eee (Mamie's doggie), Dorgy (Dory), yeah, nah (no), my (mine), tant (thanks), Ohhhhh (wow, that's cool, let me see) and probably more that I can't remember now. The nah comes out as one of the funniest, he knows exactly what "no" means as he is told it quite a bit, especially in regards to cabinets. The past two days or so he has gotten a hold of something he shouldn't and when I ask for it back he clearly, with a bit of attitude, stands there and says "no, no" while shaking his head and walking away! It makes me want to laugh but is clearly a sign of his little boy defiance, all I have to do is ask again, a little more sturnly, and he usually hands it over.

He understands everything! I have whole conversations with him and he know just what I am talking about. I'll run through the list of things I need to get done, talking all the while about going upstairs and putting away the toys and cleaning the playroom, then taking a bath and he will march right over to the stairs and start climbing. Followed by making more of a mess in the playroom and when we finally head into the bathroom he starts the tub and tries to undress. I told him the other day to ask Daddy to help him get undressed and he marched right over to him, backed his little hinny up and then sat in Jonathan's lap and shot his arms straight up in the air waiting to be stripped.

OMG, I cannot believe I am forgetting the latest BIG NEWS, how it slipped my mind is a mystery! Anywho, Sebastian is very good at associating cause and effect and the relationship between things like: toothbrush with toothpaste means its time to brush our teeth, remote controls the tv, if the bath/shower is on...time to get undressed or you can't go in, etc. So, recently we have been asking him, "Are you stinky?" or "Do you need a diaper change?" "Are you wet?" and he will immediately grab him diaper and sniff or if he recently has peed he will walk over to us and hold his diaper ready for a change. So, we decided to buy a baby potty, NOT to potty train him...he is only 16 months old and until he can successfully unbutton his pants and climb onto the toilet, it would be more frustrating to him than anything. But, if we can get him to associate potty with peeing, then he should start to realize that when he has to pee, its time to look for the potty just like he knows to brush his teeth in the morning and before bed. So, he is not sitting on the potty till his poor bum is blue from loss of circulation, but on the mornings when I have enough time, I take him straight out of bed and sit him on the potty and say "peepee". He usually wakes up with a dry diaper so mornings seem to be our best bet at knowing he has to pee and guess what.....he has PEED IN THE POTTY both times we have tried it!!! So, association training will continue.

Sebastian also went to his first birthday party at Build-a-Bear and Chuck-E-Cheese this past weekend. I think he has been to Chuck-E-Cheese before but he was too young to do anything. This time, he was into everything! He loved putting the coins in the slots on the rides and he played nicely on the play set in the toddler section. He liked watching Chucky but didn't really care to get up close and personal with him.

Dragging his Build a Bear through the mall!

It was a wonderful weekend, full of activities and new memories. We leave for our Colorado Ski Trip this Thursday and won't be back until late Monday night. I am trying to think of creative ways to keep a busy 16 month old happy on a 6 hour flight so, wish me luck! I am sure I will have plenty of pictures to post for everyone when we get back!

On a side note, the nursery is almost complete...YAY!!! And I have another ultrasound and Dr. Appointment the Wednesday after we get back so I'll update on Baby Girl's progress after that!

Have a great rest of the week!

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