Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hungry for a Great Book?

I am a little late with jumping on the Hunger Games bandwagon but better late than never right? I was finally able to pick up a book and finish it despite the fact that I have an overly demanding 7 month old. Kamerin talked me into the Hunger Games and since it looked relatively thin and the font was not in 2 pt font...I took the plunge!

It only took me one good weekend to tackle the 300 or so pages of the first book in the trilogy...I had told myself that I would just read the first one and then see the movie and be done with it. Kamerin had told me the 2nd and 3rd books were not as good but damn if Suzanne Collins didn't leave a huge cliff hanger at the end of book one! How could I stop now? It is impossible!

The first book is riveting! I was hesitant at first, who wants to read a book about kids being forced to kill each other? But after you start reading, it makes you realize how barbaric times used to be and what we used to do for entertainment...it makes you appreciate your life all that much more. It was also a very entertaining tale that keeps you drawn in and glued to the pages.  I found time to read while traveling in the car, while on the lake this Sunday and late at night when Sebastian was sleeping and I managed to finish it in 3 days! I loved it and I HAD TO GO BUY BOOK TWO the very next day! The cliff hanger, although not a huge one, MADE you want to read the next one!

I have already started on the second installment Catching Fire! So far, it is living up to the greatness of the first book, although I desperately wish Katniss would choose Gale over Peeta...true love should always win out, right? Defy the Capitol Katniss, it's your destiny!

I recommend anyone who is looking for a good summer read to pick up this fan favorite!!!

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  1. I read all three of these books within a few days. I had been resistant to read them, because I arrogantly thought that if everybody liked them, I wouldn't. Bwahahhahahaha! Now, I realize how silly that was. Well written, can't put down books. The middle one is a bit more slow. Still really good. But the last one is excellent. Have you seen the movie? Thom and I went to go see it last Friday, and were disappointed. A bit sanitized, and very little character development. Enjoy!