Thursday, June 14, 2012

8 Months Old

Oh my gosh, how time flies...Sebastian is 8 months old already! We had an 8 month photo shoot scheduled but he was under the weather so we pushed it back a week so pictures are to come shortly :)

1st ever Lollipop!
One of my old neighbors had a baby about a month ago and I was looking at pictures thinking "oh how nice it must be to have a baby who can self soothe and who actually enjoys sitting by himself!" Sebastian has been a difficult baby since he was born, but that's what makes him who he is and we just love him to death!

His last weigh is, about a week ago, he was a whopping 20 pounds 10 ounces, he definitely takes after his  Daddy in the size department! When he was younger EVERYBODY thought he looked just like Jonathan, but as he is getting older it is clear that he has my skin and hair and Jonathan's eyes and lips...he is the perfect combination of both of us! I am afraid to have more children cause how could they possibly match his cuteness?

Sebastian's diet consists of 75% breastmilk/nursing and 25% supplemented baby food, mostly peach yogurt (his favorite) and bananas! He will try anything when it comes to food, in fact, if Mommy or Daddy is munching on something he insists on tasting it! He refuses, however, to eat enough at a meal to sustain him...we are working on it...he is not a fan of baby food.

He was sleeping through the night, 10pm to roughly 5am, but had a relapse recently with his 3am feeding...Mommy doesn't mind though as long as he nurses himself back to sleep. He STILL will only sleep in either Mommy and Daddy's bed or in someone's arms. People don't believe us when we say he wakes up the instant he hits the bed/stroller/pillow/couch/swing/etc. but WE HAVE NUMEROUS WITNESSES!!! This child knows the difference and is up instantly! We have tried the whole cry it out method as well, IT DOESN'T WORK WITH HIM! He never grows tired, he never falters, he never stops...after several failed attempts, it was deemed not worth it...he is just one of those kids who needs human touch to sleep, he will eventually grow out of it, we hope!

Wake up, Daddy!
I did it!
He is a roller now :) It took him long enough, but he has figured it out...he prefers not to do it but he does know how. He LOVES to pull up on everything!!! He is a great sitter and pulls himself to his knees but can't get moving yet...I still firmly believe he will skip crawling and take off running! He stands around everything, his wobbly little bowed legs are meant for walking, any day now, I can feel it!

Mommy has an obsession with all things blue, he wears pretty much one hue all the! He just looks so stinkin cute in it, I can't help it!

He still only has two little teeth on the bottom, but at our last Doctor's appt we were informed that his two top ones were only days away from breaking through! Mommy is not sure how she feels about that...he hasn't tried biting her yet, four teeth may be too tempting!

He has the most hilarious laugh in the world! He is super ticklish, just like Daddy, especially under his arms and on his thighs! Daddy loves playing Peek-a-Boo and tickling him til he runs out of breath!

He went out on the boat for the first time last weekend! He was not a fan of the life vest that must be worn at all times...but he loved the wind whipping through his hair!

Speaking of those strawberry blond locks...Mama has been asked by numerous people if we will be cutting them soon....NO...until he starts looking girly, they are staying...I LOVE HIS WAFTY DO!

We pretty much have "Dada" down pat..."Mama" is much more difficult, he was really trying yesterday though! I could see him trying to mimic me and got more of a "Nahnah" out of him, it was close! I think he even is catching onto what "Dada" means...he looks for Jonathan every time he says it, like he will pop out from behind the chair :)

Sebastian is 100% a Mama's boy! His world is centered around Mama and he knows where Mama is at all times...I know he will eventually grow out of this which is why I love it so much right now. It can be hard at times, every time he sees me he wants to be picked up by me and only me and every attempt we have made at leaving him with a babysitter has ended badly but this too shall pass. Jonathan watched him, alone, while I went to the grocery store last night to pick up a few items and I came home 45 minutes later to a screaming baby and worn out husband! "He stared screaming the minute you left" was how I was greeted when I walked through the door. I did the usual, "did you try..." and was met with a "I TRIED EVERYTHING, he just wants you!"  Thankfully, my Mom has the patience for the crying a has agreed to watch him while Jonathan and I go out on a date this weekend!

He has no real interest in any toys in particular, he just wants to stand, stand, stand! Happy 8 Month Birthday, Baby Boy! Thank you for ALL of the incredible memories and wonderful laughs, we love you so much!

Time to prepare for Daddy's 1st Father's Day!!!!

The BEST Daddy in the World!!!

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