Thursday, June 28, 2012

Florida Visit with Tropical Storm Debbie

Jonathan, Sebastian and I enjoyed a long weekend in Melbourne, Florida this past weekend to visit with our extended family! We were most definitely dreading the airplane ride...we were dreading the car ride more which is why we opted to fork up the cash for plane tickets...but airports are not my favorite place either! Sebastian did pretty good considering he is an 8 month old who does not understand why he can chit chat all he wants in the car but should keep his voice down on the airplane.

Courtesy of the talented Uncle Isaac and IQ Photography
We arrived at Melbourne Airport on Thursday, right ahead of the fabulous Tropical Storm, Debbie! It seems as though mother nature is determined to keep pace with our vacations....Hurricane Tomas ruined our honeymoon...Hurricane Beryl rocked our cruise and now tropical storm Debbie...whew...I hate hurricane formations! We visited Jonathan's parent's house first and spent the evening enjoying the company.

Sebastian enjoyed playing with some toys!
Picture courtesy of IQ Photography

On Friday, we decided to go check out the beach before the rain made its way into town...Sebastian thoroughly enjoyed it....AS YOU CAN PROBABLY TELL!

Courtesy of IQ Photography
Courtesy of IQ Photography
Courtesy of IQ Photography

Sebastian and Uncle Isaac
Courtesy of IQ Photography

Courtesy of IQ Photography

Courtesy of IQ Photography

Courtesy of IQ Photography

Getting undressed so he can play in the sand
Courtesy of IQ Photography

No, don't eat it!
Courtesy of IQ Photography

Such an adorable little man
Courtesy of IQ Photography
We ventured out to Medieval Times for dinner on Friday night...It was Sebastian's first time! We had a very good time with Uncle Ricky, Aunt Brandi, Hunter, Junior, Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Melissa and Madison.

My King and Prince

Hunter in his throne!

Madison, Melissa and Jimmy

Brandi, Ricky and Hunter

Our Knight, he was the ONLY good looking one! AND Madison was smitten with him!

Madison won the Knight's rose!
On Saturday, we went to the Gator park!

Peacock, beautiful!

Ugh, nasty gators!
We spent Sunday at Uncle Ricky's house due to all of the rain...we stopped by the beach after the storm let up a tad bit...the wind was still whirling!

Thank you to all our family in Florida for being such wonderful company...we loved seeing everyone!!!

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  1. How fun! Sebastian is so handsome! Love the pics your BIL took of him :)