Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Holy Moly...8 years!!!

I still cannot believe that we have officially lived in our beautiful starter home for EIGHT years! It just doesn't feel like its been that long, I remember the long and tedious house hunting process! We looked at dozens of properties, I had to convey all my findings to Jonathan as he was still stationed at Camp Lejeuene. We put in offers on three other homes before finally finding and falling in love with our home!

It was way too much house for our little family of two but we knew it would be perfect when we decided to start our family. It has now been our place of comfort as we have brought home FOUR babies! We are busting at the seams now...no nook or cranny is not full of toys, toddler clothes or baby items. I never thought I would have something to put in every room, never thought we would be able to afford furniture for each space and certainly never thought we would be here long enough to upgrade our brand new house! It has been so much fun to change subtle things here and there these past eight years, we have loved every minute of being a part of this sweet community.

Unfortunately, after the arrival of our youngest little man, we have been yearning for more useable space. What worked for us at the beginning of our family expanding, no longer is the case. We are so very excited to announce WE ARE MOVING! It has been a long but thrilling process of trying to find our perfect, dream home, again! We have a little sadness in our hearts as we must say "goodbye" to our beautiful community and superb neighbors, we know we will keep our friendships forever, no matter where we call home. We have found the perfect plot of land in a small subdivision across town...construction begins in about 30 days! We will hopefully be moving into our new forever home sometime in July 2017. We are so ready for the adventure of building a home, I am beyond excited to pick all of our finishes and watch each stage of this wonderful process.

We are so grateful for all the years of memories made at 2001 Potomac Road, they will forever be with us. We are so very thankful for the friendships we have forged...Sebastian, Paisley and Milo have made forever buddies with our incredible neighbors. I will miss the comradery but we won't be too far away so hopefully we will still have plenty of friends at all our crazy birthday parties!

I looked through some photos and found some of our favorite memories over the years in
Annandale subdivision...


Thousands of hours in the playroom

Water balloons in our undies

Afternoons playing in the backyard

 Flowers...oh the beautiful flowers

 TEN baby birthday parties

 Chillin in our rockers

 Visits with our horsey buddies

 Fabulous, lifelong friendships

 Too many car rides around the block

 Climbing in our secret garden

 Smiles, smiles and more smiles

 Smores, campfires and roasting hotdogs

 Star gazing on a Summer afternoon

 Gardening for hours

 Being whomever we want to be...Cindy Lou Who

 Long walks


and still many more to come!

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