Monday, January 23, 2017

Fun Family Visits of 2016

Well we were very blessed in 2016 to have a number of wonderful family come to visit and meet the new addition to the family. Jonathan's family live in the tropical state of Florida and we try to make it down there as often as possible but we also LOVE it when they come to visit us and see how we live.

Isaac and Alyssa tied the knot in February and we were able to make it down for the wedding. Paisley made the perfect flower girl and Sebastian was a little less than thrilled to bear the ring lol, but everyone looked fabulous.

This was also the trip that we shared our little secret...Lincoln Cooper would be arriving in August! We did not know he was a he yet but were very excited to tell everyone in person. Unfortunately, due to my weekly shots and traveling restrictions while pregnant, that was the last time we were able to visit.

Jonathan's parents, Grinny and Papaw came up to visit us shortly after Lincoln joined our sweet family and we had a fantastic week with them. Aside from meeting their new grandson, we were able to go to the Disney on Ice show, make some delicious meals, play games and just spend some quality time together! I always love it when my babies get to spend time with people who love them unconditionally and have the patience to embrace all their quirks.

We were thrilled when Aunt Becky and her beautiful daughters, Kayla and Abby came to visit in November! This was the first time they have been able to come up and stay with us and the kids really LOVED having their cousins around 24/7. We had a blast! We decorated our Christmas tree, baked and decorated sugar cookies, made crafts, saw a movie, played games, had some dance parties, and just enjoyed each others company. I really enjoyed the visit and finally was able to hang out with Kayla and Abby and get to know them better, I had only ever been able to see them for short, quick visits before.

We ended our year of wonderful visits with a superb week of Uncle Isaac and Aunt Alyssa. They arrived the day after Christmas and helped us use all of our new toys. Uncle Isaac is a beautiful lifestyle photographer and took so many gorgeous pictures of my sweet babies. He has the best talent of catching them naturally interacting with each other and playing and laughing. My kiddos are not the most cooperative kids when it come to smiling for pictures, so he was able to get some incredible, natural smiles.
I think the kids really fell in love with Aunt Alyssa, she was so willing to spend hours playing restaurant chef. They also really enjoyed going to the movies, shopping at the outlets, eating lots of delicious food and showing off every toy in the house. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful relatives to spend time with. I am so thankful that my children have 10 aunts (more to come) and 13 uncles to spoil them rotten! Our family is ever growing and I love it!

We hope to have twice as many visits in 2017....fingers crossed!

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