Monday, December 8, 2014

Thanksgiving Madness & Cranberry Fluff

Whew the holiday weekend has come to a close, which makes me sad but on to the next adventure. Our Thanksgiving tradition is to spend it at Mamie and Pops' house with as many family members as possible. We make the largest turkey we can find and spend the whole day prepping and enjoying holiday food. I tried a few new recipes this year: Cranberry Fluff, Poached Pears with Fresh Cranberry Sauce and a Apple Holiday Punch. The Cranberry Fluff was a HUGE hit and definitely a repeat recipe. I'll share with a post at a later date but in short, it was delicious.

The kids enjoyed helping with all the cutting and prepping. My children are not too excited by food so the actually dining part was not their favorite, in fact, I made them some easy PB&J to fill up their little tummies.

It was Milo's first Thanksgiving and I think he enjoyed it...very relaxed and lots of sleeping.

So, nothing too incredibly exciting to report...just another great year with fabulous food and wonderful company.

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