Monday, December 8, 2014

On the Hunt...for a Tree!

The day after Thanksgiving has affectionately become known as tree day! We always venture up to the mountains for our choose and cut Christmas tree. The farm we usually go to was closed this season so we tried a new place...not a fan, probably won't venture back to that one. The prices were great but the trees were not. They had two sizes....LARGE (over 10') and small (under 2'). We needed a 7-8' tree as we have 9' ceilings. So....we ended up with a 9' tree that we had to cut 2' off so it would fit in the house AND it looks pregnant...probably one of the ugliest trees we have ever had but its up and decorated so poor thing is here for good.

Everyone got all bundled up for the chilly weather!

He's so handsome! He was allergic to that hat though, had a rash for days after wearing it :(

Lots of pictures, lots of hunting and a very pregnant tree :) I will save the Christmas tree decorating for another post :)

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