Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Labor Scare

Well we had our first labor scare this past Monday. It was probably a good thing cause it is making us all be prepared. Everyone always makes fun of me cause I start nesting weeks in advance of my due date and then sure enough I go into labor early. I haven't had a ton of nesting urges yet but they have started...I just have the feeling that I need to get stuff done. 

I started to have severe lower back pain Sunday led to absolutely no sleep all night. I was having a lot of Braxton Hicks too but kept telling Jonathan it doesn't feel like my other labors. I ended up calling the doctor Monday morning...Jonathan came home from work cause I was in too much pain to watch the kids alone and the doctor wanted me in for observation. I am 33 weeks so we wanted to stall it if possible. 

Observation revealed that it wasn't contractions but an infection and kidney stones. Probably one of the few times I will be happy to have kidney stones...better than preterm labor. So, wonderful, if I'm not going to have labor pain I get the second best thing. Of course this has put everyone on edge and my activities are now limited! As you can probably guess, I can't stand not being able to do something or having people tell me what to do so it's not fun.

The good baby yet! He needs to keep cooking! 

Congrats to my brother in law and sister in law who found out yesterday that they are having their third BOY! So excited for you two! You can just keep spoiling Paisley if you need girl hugs and kisses! 

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