Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kate's Baby Shower

I had the pleasure of hosting my sister, Katelynn's, baby shower last Saturday and with the help of our dear old mama and Kate's best friend, Maruja, it was a huge success!

We utilized some of the gifts as decorations...really helped cut down on the decorating costs and looked adorable.

We had way too much food, as always!

A candy station.

The prize center.

All handmade decorations! Tons of games!

Mamie hand drew this beautiful picture for each person to sign a balloon with a message for the baby.

Josh's cousin made the beautiful cake off some inspiration photos. It was delicious!

Paisley snacked a lot!

She was one of only two babies at the shower.

The guest of honor with her two lovely ladies!

They looked so beautiful!

A family full of girls!

Kate, Maruja, Emma and Lilly!

It was a rainy day so only a few outdoor decorations. 

Mamie hand made the wreath as well.

The goodies table.

Presents...everything for babies is so big.

Game station...the diapers were the girls favorite.

Eyeballing the food as usual.

Let the games begin...

She was silently checking out all the presents.

Adult diapering contest....OMG so many laughs!

She was unimpressed but we were all in stitches.

Time to see what was in all those boxes.

We had a great time celebrating Baby Girl Baker...can't wait to meet her in November!

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