Sunday, May 4, 2014

Paisley's 1st Birthday Easter Celebration

Wow, what a celebration we had...thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our baby girl! We all had a wonderful time! I can throw the greatest party in the world but without guests it means nothing, so thank you for taking the time to celebrate her birthday with us!

We are so very thankful that Jonathan's brother and family were able to come all the way up from Florida to visit and celebrate with us. We really enjoyed their company and it was the first time they were able to come and stay with us for the whole weekend! Their son, Junior, is almost two so it was really nice for Sebastian and Paisley to have someone their age to play with. We can't thank them enough for making the trip! 

Paisley's party was a huge success. We themed it after Easter since it was her first Easter celebration and seemed like a perfect fit for a little girls party. Finding decorations was easy and fun. We didn't go over the top with anything, just simple and cute. Naturally, we had to have an egg hunt for it to be a true Easter party. The kiddos seemed to really enjoy the hunt. Sebastian had a whole basket full within a minute or so! Paisley was content with just a few.

Unfortunately, Paisley was exhausted by the time we were ready to eat cake. She did not want any of it and barely made it through the birthday song...but her brother helped her blow out her candle and we all enjoyed the sugar rush. 

Everyone helped open gifts...they all enjoyed testing them out thoroughly. 

All in all it was a terrific 1st birthday celebration! We are so thankful to everyone who made it fantastic! 

Thanks to our guests: Mamie, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Mike, Aunt Janet, Aunt Brandi, Uncle Ricky, Hunter, Junior, Aunt Kate, Emma, Lilly, Nicole, Peyton, Vaughn, Bob, Rachel, Josh, Becca, Allison, Annika, Abigail, Chase and Brooklyn!

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