Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gender Reveal Party

I feel so blessed to have so many great family members and friends! My sister completely outdid herself by throwing an amazing gender party! I am going to have to get really creative when I plan her baby shower.

She made me leave the house for a few hours before the party and I couldn't believe all the beautiful things she had created when I got back. The decorations were beautiful and handmade, we had tons of unique and fun games and the food was phenomenal. The actual reveal was very unique and well worth the wait. Party planning definitely runs in our family! 

My favorite far...was watching the dad's compete in a diaper changing contest! Hilarious!!!! Jonathan, Antwuan, Frate and Mark all had to change a very messy and very disgusting diaper...the fastest and cleanest won the prize. I am sad to say that although my husband got the new diaper on the baby's leg was covered in poo so he was disqualified, lol. Frate took home the prize by both changing the diaper quickest and having the least residual poo left on the infant! It was quite exciting! 

Although it felt like more people were leaning towards boy, the board of votes showed a pretty even split. Katelynn's statistics showed that 71% of mothers intuition guesses are correct and in this case they proved right. For the actual gender reveal, Katelynn passed out chocolate bars with custom wrappers and inside one lucky wrapper was the golden ticket with the baby's gender...It's a boy!!!

I had been pridicting boy from a week after I found out I was pregnant...Jonathan was hoping for another mild mannered girl but I kept warning him not to get his hopes up. I have had a feeling/instinct with all three of my pregnancies and so far am 3-0 on predicting them! We are so excited to welcome another little man into our family...this will give Paisley many more years of being spoiled and Sebastian another best friend, this one will actually like to play cars.

Thank you to our guests: Kate, Josh, Emma, Lilly, Mamie, Pops, Sam, Kelly, Mike, Nicole, Peyton, Vaughn, Jackie, Frate, Addison, Autumn, Holly, Kayla, Ansley, Cristin, Carter, Garrett, Maruja, Amy, Colt, Antwuan, Ava, Victoria, Mark, & Chase! 

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