Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Fast Approaching

I cannot believe this year I will be celebrating my 3rd Mother's Day! I certainly don't feel like I have been a Mommy for that long, the time really flies. Three years and in a few short months, three children. Never did I ever see my life playing out this way, but never would I ever change it.

When Jonathan and I got married almost four years ago, we had talked about kids but were so preoccupied with work, the wedding, classes and being a couple that we didn't really plan how many or when we would start having kids. I guess that's why life is full of great surprises.I never could have imagined I would be one of those moms who has three car seats at once....three kids under three...but that is soon to be my reality and I love it!

Of course, with our new little one on the way, the most common inquiry we now get is..."How many do you want?" My answer, "I don't know!" We'll see what happens once we have three. Life changes drastically with each new addition and when our family is finished growing, we'll just of right now, we are eagerly preparing to be a family of five.

I got my first, of soon to be many, non-compliments this went something like, "Hey! You're looking really pregnant!" I'm sure it was meant as a compliment but generally when someone says "Do I look pregnant in this outfit?" What they mean is "Do I look fat?" So, I wouldn't really categorize that compliment as such, but I guess there is no avoiding the fact that I have gained nine pounds and have a pretty prominent basketball protruding in my midsection. Well, at least I made it to 21 weeks before being told I looked pregnant! I have finally come to peace with the fact that I will not have my body back to the way I want it until sometime next year! Amazing what we sacrifice for our children, right? 

Well it will be a busy few months as we have several trips planned and a few holidays and birthdays along the way. May 13th is a big little brother (the baby of the family) turns 18! It is also Aunt Brandi's birthday and her son, Junior's birthday...lots of celebrating in order. Mother's Day is this weekend and no slowing down next month with quite a few birthdays, including Jonathan's and we can't forget Father's Day! 

So, hopefully I will have lots to blog's just finding the time to actually do it :)


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