Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gymboree Sing & Play

Since Sebastian does not attend daycare and spends pretty much EVERY waking second with Mommy and Paisley, we decided that it might be great for him to play with toddlers his own age and have some fun outside of the house. I still do not agree with daycare and we don't need it, I had babies to be a mama and raise those babies not send them to daycare everyday so, I found a really cute class at the Gymboree Sing & Play for him to go to once a week for an hour and play with other kids alongside mommy.

We attended a free intro class last Friday, we dragged Daddy along since he is always saying we do everything fun without him! Sebastian was the youngest in the class, it just so happens that the classes are broken up into 12-22 months and then 22-36 months...he is 22 months so I would rather he be with the older group than the younger group. Despite being the youngest, he was one of the most active and interactive toddlers there. The teacher remarked on how he is not at all socially shy! He had a blast and played on everything and observed the other kids...he never hit anyone and didn't steal a toy...SUCESS! So, we signed him up for classes! It is going to be great for his development!

Paisley and I watched as Daddy did all the activities with Sebastian. We figured we will get to do it with him every week so we might as well let Daddy enjoy the first time! We are also signed up for a free Kindermusik class next Friday, so we will see how that goes!

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