Thursday, November 8, 2012

Teeth Galore

Well, it has been a bit of awhile since I have posted anything new....that does not mean we have not been busy or have a lack of interesting things going on in this household, it simply means I have not been allocating anytime to sitting down and actually writing something.

Sebastian has been under the weather this past week...which always makes life just a tad bit harder. We went to the doctor on Tuesday to get an antibiotic, which I can't tell if it is helping or not :( He now has a cough but seems in better spirits so I don't know. It does not help that he went from being a four toothed 12 month old to a seven toothed 12 1/2 month old in a week! There are also three more that just broke through the gums this morning...he will have a full mouth of teeth by the end of the week! Amazing how they have doddled this whole time then all decide to come up all at once. His molars came in before the rest of his front teeth which just seems so unusual.

He is also sprouting up like a weed...we were in 12 month clothes but have recently had to jump to the 18 month size...there is no doubt that he will have his Daddy's height. We were in the store the other evening and the cashier kept talking to him and asking him questions (expecting an answer) and then finally turned to me and said "He doesn't talk yet?" I was a bit shocked and just spit out "No, he just turned a year old two weeks ago!" It was her turn to look foolish then...she fumbled out "Oh my god, he is so big, I thought he was well over 2!" Yes, he looks MUCH older than he is especially since he is such a pro at walking and has even mastered the speed walk, which he finds entirely too funny! We played chase in Kohl's last night in the bathroom aisle, you could hear his laugh throughout the store...too cute.

The saying "too smart for your own good" definitely applies to our son! He is a problem solver, have-to-know-how-it-works-in-order-to-play-with-it kind of guy. This kid already knows how to unscrew and screw on caps...not too sure if that is a good thing! I am still harassing Jonathan about teaching him that skill. He is also a professional light switch master, button pusher, door closer (and opener), paper ripper, stair climber, plug in-er, block builder and I can't think of any more right now...he really enjoys pushing things around. Anything he can find becomes a moving object and he usually likes to stack other items on top and then push things around...I guess that means he needs a shopping cart, lol. He has FAR too many toys to even think about getting anymore. My living room is full, our master bedroom is full, his bedroom, our bonus room has been converted to a playroom and it is PACKED with toys, not to mention his playroom at work! If you need toy advice, he can give it!

Update on the Nugget:

My nausea has not subsided yet, despite being in my second trimester! I have not been able to "hide" this pregnancy as easily as my seems as though this little one is determined to poke out as much as possible. Everything looked great at my last doctor's appt. Sebastian did not enjoy the ultrasound as much as the rest of us but he will get used to them. Our new little one was not so cooperative during the whole process either. The technician kept trying to get the poor thing to lay in the right direction! I had to lay on my side then flip back over, she also poked my belly A LOT to get it to turn over. He/She is VERY active! Lots of kicking and stretching and thumb sucking during the whole I can predict that we will have our hands full!

Well...I will try to be better at posting a little more often :)

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  1. LOVE.... :) Can't wait to see the big man, his cousin is anxious to see him again :)