Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day, Daddy!

Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served our country, especially those who have put their lives on the line for our freedom...A special HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY to my fabulous husband, Jonathan, who served two tours in Iraq and is a war veteran.

To celebrate with style, we decided to take a small road trip and drive to Columbia, SC to visit Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens. Sebastian has recently discovered animals and can do the ASL sign for bird. He is enthralled with them and loves to roar at everything, we thank a birthday dinosaur for that one!

He did GREAT in the car...he loves to watch Beauty and the Beast while we drive ( I have now listened to it about 50 times ). I tried to see if he would enjoy a different movie so I put on Ice Age....the first five minutes he did nothing but fuss so I threw that idea out and went with ol' faithful.

He took a very nice nap on the way there and was ready to go when we arrived. Despite the parking lot being packed, the park itself was not too busy! We visited the lions, tigers, and monkeys first. The tigers were the only ones of real interest as one was having a conversation with only further showed Sebastian to continue to roar at everything.

We visited the parrots next! He enjoyed going inside to see them up close and personal and even tried to pet one...but I didn't want him to lose a finger so Mama held it instead.

We took a brief rest on the carousel, which he found fabulous!!! He rode with Daddy and got to ride a Panda Bear!

Next, we headed off to see the farm animals and then quickly made our way over to the Giraffes as it was feeding time! Talk about up close and personal!!!! Sebastian was perfectly fine with looking, he did not want to touch or feed...he watched Mama and Daddy do it. The giraffes' head was as big as Sebastian, amazing animals! They were so gentle just licking the lettuce from our hands.

We cruised through the rest of the park, spending some time looking at the elephants and then some up close and personal time with the gorilla (I tried to get a picture but the reflection from the glass was making it impossible). He came all the way up to the glass and starred down all the kids.

We had a few extra tokens left after the day was through, so we decided to enjoy the carousel one last time before driving home...this time Mama rode with him and we chose a tiger!

We watched more Beauty and the Beast on the journey total, we completed the whole film three times for this trip :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, love the giraffe pictures, so awesome! can't wait til we can take the boys together, Wes is suddenly enthralled with the animal Baby Einstein movies :)