Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Decorating at our Household

To continue with the remainder of the holiday weekend...on Sunday, we were very thankful to stay home and work on our tree and decorating! The house was a MESS for a few hours as storage boxes made their way in and out of the living room. I did manage to go through all of them and at least get the stuff out so the boxes could go back up into the attic.

Jonathan worked on getting the lights on the tree while I put out stuff around the house. Sebastian was having another bad day so we took turns trying to soothe his awful mood. I did break down around 11:30am and put him in his crib for a little while to have some alone time to himself. Would you know that little booger...who has only been in the brand new, beautiful crib twice...managed to get almost his entire body over the railing! I had to stand near the door with the monitor for quite awhile to see if he was actually going to flip out of it. I think it was hurting his belly to teeter on it so he did eventually resort back to just screaming but yes, it would be my 13 month old who can climb out of a crib after so few uses.

So devious on the stairs!

Hanging with Milly 

He is such a HAM in front of the camera! 

Eggnog loving fool! 

Entrance way tree! 

Such a great helper cleaning up!

So far, that is all the decorating we have accomplished!

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