Monday, October 15, 2012

Sebastian's "UP" Birthday Party!!!

I am happy to say that Sebastian's first birthday party went WONDERFULLY! I may end up killing myself one day with the enormous tasks I set out to accomplish, lol...but we pulled off a very adorable "UP" birthday party! I thought I would be running around like a mad man up til the very last second but thanks to some help from some amazing people...we got everything worked out. This past weekend DEFINITELY was one of our busiest :)

Our first task.......birthday cake! I had a special cake made for Sebastian in the "UP" theme which had to be picked up Friday in hour drive from our house! She was the only one to email me back out of four bakeries so, she got the gig.

I love the way it turned out!
All Friday evening, Jonathan and I cleaned...the house looked so fabulous...I love a freshly cleaned house! Saturday morning, Sebastian was sure to wake us up bright and early at 6:30am...we did manage to keep him in bed watching cartoons until 7:00am...woohoo! It was ok though, it gave me more time to prepare!

Before his shower and fresh clothes...
...after a shower and his birthday attire!
Once the birthday boy was dressed and ready to go, it was time to start the decorating and cooking. Kamerin and Samantha came over to help with the balloons and my Aunt Janet came over to help with the cooking....THEY WERE SO MUCH HELP!!!

Very intrigued by the balloons!

He found it wonderful to let the balloon go and watch it float to the ceiling.

"I still want to play with the balloons, Mama!"

Lots of colorful candy.

The cake table

We had balloons everywhere!

What a cutie pie

After the inside of the house was all was time to head outside!

If we were going to throw a TRUE "UP" party, we had to have balloons on the top of the house!

Sebastian's wreath

Jonathan and Kamerin did not mind climbing on the roof!

The mailbox decor!

We were told by passersby that our house was the talk of the neighborhood, lol...who knew balloons could do so much!
At 2pm, the party got underway and all the fabulous guests and friends started to arrive!

Uncle Mike and Aunt Kelly

Pops brought his funny hat and google...true to the "UP" theme!

Everyone enjoying the munchies

Sebastian sitting with Aunt Katelynn

Samantha and Uncle Kamerin...exhausted from helping all morning!

Sebastian saying "Hi" to little Peyton!


Love this look

"Um, Mom, why are you holding another baby?"
After a little was time to dig into that fabulous cake!!!

He was listening to everyone sing Happy Birthday!

"I don't like the birthday hat Mom!"

These pictures are not in order I don't know why it uploaded them so crazy...but as you can see he was quite the dainty eater at first!

What a wonderful sharer!

What a messy boy!
After cake and clean up....we delved into the presents!!!

Sweet Ms. Brooklyn helped show Sebastian what to do with the wrapping paper...its great to have some help.

He likes it!

Of course his favorite toy would be a broom!

He got so many presents from all of his wonderful friends!!! We are so grateful to everyone who came out to celebrate Sebastian's special day with him!

After the party was over...Sebastian had no problems helping clean up with his new broom and dust pan!

Happy Birthday my little man!!!

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  1. LOVE the theme and cannot get over how cute the balloons on top of your house were!! Sam likes his vacuum cleaner the best too- go figure. ;)