Thursday, October 11, 2012

Absence of Posts

I find myself posting less and less these days due to the wonderful convenience of Instagram. Every time I snap a great picture I just upload it to Instagram and in like 5 seconds, everyone is in the know! Plus, I find it very difficult to find time to sit down and write posts...if I am not at work, I'm running errands, cleaning the house, feeding the little man, cleaning up after the dogs, trying to get some gardening in, playing trucks, pretending to eat a fake ice cream cone and so on and so on.

My son has this fabulous mission of guaranteeing that his father and I never get to sit down, since his father has assignment deadlines that usually means Mama gets to entertain. I am not complaining though, I have the biggest Mama's boy in the world and I love all the attention I get from him. So, naturally, when given the choice between writing a blog or wrestling kisses from my 12 month old...I choose the kisses!

Sebastian's 1st birthday is this weekend!!! We have a fabulous party planned...there will be more balloons than can be counted :) I am exhausted from all the planning and cleaning but I know it will be fun. The weather is supposed to be perfect, which makes me very happy! I am excited for Sebastian to have some friends over to play with and to see all my neighbors who have been hiding from the heat all summer long.

In light of Sebastian's 1st birthday, we had some 1 yr. pictures taken last night...he was in a great mood so I think they will turn out fabulous! As always, Samantha from Two Little Monkey's Photography was wonderful. We went to this adorable little farm with animals and pumpkins and was very fallish!

This is a very busy month for Jonathan and I (the anniversary of him coming home from Iraq...Oct 15...our first meeting....our wedding anniversary...Oct 22...Sebastian's birthday...Oct 14...and my companies 10 year anniversary) every weekend we have something booked. We also want to make it out to the Renaissance Festival this weekend as well :) posts are coming...too much is happening in October for them not to!

 Enjoying breakfast on a rainy morning!

Eating lunch with Daddy!

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