Monday, October 15, 2012

My Baby is a Whole Year Old

Wow, we've made it a full year, I can't believe it! It certainly does not feel like it has been a year but I have loved every moment of it. I would never go back to before Sebastian was is just so full of life with him here. I loved our life when it was just Jonathan and I but it just feels more complete with Sebastian!

There are not really good enough words to describe our Little Man, he is just so unique. You have to meet him in person to really understand his full personality! He is a spitting image of his Daddy with Mommy's coloring! He has his Daddy's hilarious personality and Mommy's forgive and forget in two minutes philosophy. He makes the most memorable and hilarious faces you will ever see...evil eyes...screwed up face smile...I love you smile...that was hilarious smile...there are too many to count!

He is usually in a good mood, which is the opposite of how he was as an infant. He loves to play with toys and his favorite room is his playroom! He figures toys and games out very quickly...I usually only have to show him once or twice how something works and he has it! He has been walking since 9 1/2 months and is a speed demon...he has mastered the stairs (although I still stay very close behind him) and is a pro at walking in shoes now.

He doesn't care much for the dogs...they startle him a lot BUT he loves the cat! Every time she steps into the room, he is after her. She is very patient with him and usually lets him touch for a minute or so before climbing her safe tower. Since she is de-clawed and has never bitten anyone, I don't worry much about them messing around with each other.

He said his FIRST WORD, last week!!! He knows the sounds of Mama and Dada but whether or not he actually understands what they mean still remains a mystery. He knows if Mama says "Where's Daddy?" that he should find Daddy but he won't use the word to call his Dad. He does however, know Ball!!! He walks around saying "Ba", "Ba" and finds a ball to play with...everything round and remotely shaped like a ball is now "Ba!" The LL's will come in time :)

His eating habits are fair...he loves cereal and goldfish and grapes, bananas, peaches, animal cookies, breads, some meats, mashed potatoes and FRENCH FRIES...we spend quite awhile trying to figure out what to make for dinner most nights. He hates, apples, applesauce, corn, peas, broccoli, pasta (any kind, including mac and cheese), cheese, and most types of beef. We have recently discovered he has an allergy to something...we are not sure what yet...we see the allergist on Monday...but synthetic cheeses, salad dressings and frosting do not agree with his poor little face. My best guesstimate on what it is would be red dye but we will let the expert tell us on Monday.

His 1 year check up is on Wednesday where he will get some lovely shots and be told he is doing terrific and above average in size and weight. According to our home scale, he lost two pounds since walking but it could be due to his picky eating habits too. He weighed in at 21 lbs on the home scale and I know he is taller than his last visit so we will see if he breaks the 30 inch mark. We have to cut his hair often...there have already been two haircuts and a third is in the near future...those blond locks of his grow too fast. Mama likes the not shaved but well-maintained-little-boy-haircut look so since it is growing over his ears again, its time for a trim.

He loves to give kisses BUT only to Mama regularly. He will surprise some people sometimes with a sweet kiss but he always wakes Mama up with a couple kisses and will randomly have a lovey-dovey moment in the middle of playtime. He is still a major Mama's boy and always wants Mama to hold him first in the mornings and kiss his boo boos all better but he LOVES his Daddy too. He lights up when he comes through the door and if he can hear his Daddy talking in another room, he has to go find him.

He STILL does not sleep through the night...I am pretty sure he takes after Mommy with this one...every noise, movement, creak, meow wakes this child up. He is not a deep sleeper, I do not think he has EVER slept completely through the night. He hates his crib, he will cry for hours in it and even if he is dead asleep in his Daddy's arms, as soon as he is laid in his crib (which is right next to Mommy's bed) he wakes up instantly. We are trying to have him sleep in his crib as long as he will but he does still sleep in our bed for a few hours each night...working full-time = Mama needs sleep so if that means baby sleeps next to her for a few hours to do so, then so be it. He is off of all daytime nursing and will nurse only at night if he is really fussy. The pediatrician says he will wean himself off of the night time comforter so I am not worried about it.

His favorite toys are ANYTHING he can climb on, push around the house or use as a walking stick...oh, and balls! This Little Man is the love of our lives and he grows more and more precious each and everyday...we are so grateful to be his parents and SO look forward to this year.

Happy 1st Birthday, Sebastian!!!!

We love you!!!


  1. LOVE this post, those pictures are priceless :)

  2. His expressions are hilarious! I hope he's not allergic to anything serious. :( Happy birthday Sebastian!!