Friday, August 3, 2012

Nine Month Check-Up with Dr. Craig

Sebastian had his nine month check-up visit on is only about two weeks late but Dr. Craig is a busy man. Mama knew he would be getting some shots so I pre-medicated the little guy with some Tylenol, great idea on my part cause he was hardly phased by those prickly needles.
Sebastian was very chipper that morning and dressed in his green monster onsie for the outing. Sebastian and I shared some yummy cereal for breakfast and then headed to our 9am appointment across town.

We arrived early, as usual, and enjoyed talking to each other in the car. When we finally decided to go at 8:45am, I had to fill out tons of nine month questionnaire questions that I was not biggie though, Sebastian munched on gold fishies the whole time. I was VERY proud while filling out the questionnaire as Sebastian scored a YES on every single milestone. He can grab food and feed himself, walk along furniture only using one hand, mimic sounds and phrases Mama says to him, pay attention to whomever is speaking to him, knows who strangers are, focuses on a task and sticks with it, is too smart for his own good and knows when Mama hides a toy and how to find it again, and so on and so on.

We finally got to go back and see the Doctor, their computer system was on the fritz so it took a bit longer than usual. The nurse did all her fancy measuring and probing...Sebastian weighs a very healthy 22 lbs. 12 ozs. and is 29 in. long. He is ranked in the 75th percentile for height, weight and head circumfrance. He had to get a Hep B vaccine and also have his blood checked, meaning a finger prick...I don't know how you prick such a tiny finger! He cried for only a second after the shot and not at all during the finger prick, he was merely angry that the nurse was holding his hand so tightly.

Since our fabulous appointment where the doctor said we are doing everything right and have a very healthy, happy bouncing baby boy...Sebastian has learned how to throw a ball :) Wrestle with Daddy and walk like a speed demon with his walker. He is also mimicking Mama when I say it to him first...LOVE IT! He has successfully moved into 12 Month clothes AND........has two NEW TEETH! They are so cute! He still nurses four times a day...mostly for the hydration value since he refuses to drink from any type of bottle or sippy cup AND he still doesn't sleep through the night BUT we are down to only one wake up at about 3am. He will typically nurse for a few minutes and fall back asleep so I am OK with that!

We are leaving to go to the beach for a whole week I will have plenty of pictures to post next week...until then HAPPY FRIDAY and have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!!

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