Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kure Beach Vacation

I feel a little bit like I have been away from home more than at home this summer...I am actually homesick...I want to stay home just BE! But it doesn't look like that will happen quite yet, I think we will have one more trip to go before Fall gets here...I HAVE TO GO SEE MY ONLY NEPHEW HOME FROM THE NICU!!!

Anywho...our trip to Kure beach was fabulous...a very wonderful week of nothingness! I expected Sebastian to really enjoy the sand and water and playing with his cousins...BUT, boy was I WRONG! My child HATED the sand, HATED the salty sea water, HATED the wind blowing through his hair and would have nothing to do with playing with his cousins on the beach! Unless he was in Mommy or Daddy's arms, he was not smiling all that much, so we did a lot of holding and keeping the sand off his precious little skin.

I'm ok aslong as I am being held and being fed!

Can't avoid the grumpiness, even on vacation!
I can't say I blame him, sand and saltwater are not my favorites either...I love the beach and listening to the waves and watching the seagulls but I am not a fan of the ocean. He much preferred hanging out on the awesome deck with Mama.

Don't touch my ball!

Concentrating hard

This boy loves peaches

Almost ate the whole thing

Hanging out with us on the deck

Yelling at someone!

Everyone has to take a rehydration break!
We did have some happy times on the beach though, he usually had about ten minutes of "I'm ok" time. Then Mama tried to get creative with a towel and floaty but Mr. Active didn't stay put long.

Daddy headed out to surf

Hanging with Aunt Kelly

Jonathan brought his kite and everyone enjoyed flying it!

Aunt Kelly looking fabulous in her bikini

Daddy looking fabulous with his surf board
We also visited the local fair!

So, I have gone just a tad bit picture crazy in this post...and to think, this is only one of the three cameras! I'll end the post with how most of our nights ended...with cute pajamas!!!

Sebastian's Great Aunt Janet

Wrestling with Lilly

I'll try to post more when I get the other pictures from the other cameras...until then, Goodnight!!!

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