Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sebastian's Baptism

Sebastian Henri Dean was baptized on November 17, 2011 at St. Luke Catholic Church, by Fr. Paul Gary :) We had an intimate small ceremony with just family present. Fr. Paul was wonderful to make such special accommodations for us, we wanted to make sure the germs were limited since Sebastian was a preemie.

Fr. Paul was the same priest that married Jonathan and I on October 22, 2010 and then baptized our son on November 17, 2011. We just love him, he is always so full of life and so wonderful at making sure everyone understands how and why the church does what it does.

Ok, unfortunately Kristyn and Patrick couldn't make it to the ceremony but let me point out the rest of my fabulous family who showed up for the ceremony.
Mamie, Samuel, Kamerin (Godfather), my handsome husband, little Sebastian, Me, Lilly, Kelly (Godmother), Katelynn, Emma, Pierce, and Pops.

Jonathan and I are very lucky to have Kamerin and Kelly as Sebastian's godparents, we know they will help him understand all there is to know about God and our part in this world.
The holy water, he is blessed :)

Such a great picture!

Lilly, she did so well during the ceremony, such a BIG girl!

The head of hair all soaked in oil, those blond locks were light and fluffy for days afterwards.

Kelly and I

Thanksgiving pictures up next...

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  1. You are one skinny minnie for just having a BABY. Gosh!