Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby's 1st Thanksgiving

The Little Man's 1st Thanksgiving
Oh my gosh, the breast milk is going to taste like turkey!

Uncle Sam and his favorite little guy

Snoozing on Daddy for just a little bit

Mamie snuggling with the baby

Awake and ready to go

Preparing for the thanksgiving meal

Hanging out at Mamie and Pops' house

Such a cutie

A house full of family

I don't know why he is tasting Aunt Kelly's bracelet

Wide awake and happy, a rarity for the little guy

In his cute blue outfit

A half smile

Pops holding the little one

I could post pictures of him all day

Holding the little bear

So cute!

All nice and warm

Sleeping on Mommy

Uncle Kamerin and Sebastian in his Thanksgiving outfit, the front of the shirt says "I'm Stuffed," it was very cute.

Aunt Kelly had a lot of holding time :)

Christmas decorating here we come...

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