Thursday, November 17, 2011

Almost 5 weeks and counting :)

Sebastian is almost 5 weeks old! OMG time is flying...He is getting baptized today, so exciting! We are dressing him in the family baptismal gown, nothing like tradition.

For now, here are some pictures from the last 4 weeks:

The very beginning...Daddy got to visit in the NICU

Jonathan holding Sebastian for the first time, it makes me so sad that I missed all of it. When they tell you to prepare for anything during delivery, you never think you will miss it altogether cause you are in the ICU. I am glad that Jonathan got to see him and enjoy all those first moments!

Getting used to early life outside the womb

Welcome Home Little Man!

Home getting dressed in the morning, this is probably the first time he hasn't been screaming his head off during a simple diaper change.

All dressed in our cute outfit!

Sleeping on Daddy!

With Uncle Kamerin

Snug like a bug in the car

Not too happy but cuddling with Uncle Pierce

Meeting his cousin Lilly for the first time on Halloween

With Emma in his Halloween Outfit


Lilly and Uncle Jonathan

"Hi, Mama"

Uncle Kamerin figuring out the Baby Bjorn

He loves Uncle Sam

Aunt Kelly and Sebastian

Daddy with the little guy

Trying the swing...that face lasted a whole five minutes

His eyes are open, this is not a sight we see often

I think they look alike :)

So cuddly and cute!

Love him in hats

Smile, dreams are nice

Such a cutie Pie

Goodbye for now...time to go get Baptized :)

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  1. Love all the pictures!!! You and Jonathan both look GREAT for having a 5-week-old!! :)