Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pooh's House

Pooh's House is underway...it was a busy weekend! While Jonathan and I were at Childbirth Preparation Class on Saturday...Mom was at our house painting away.

Pooh now has a roof, a door where he lives under the name Mr. Sanders, a window and a tree!

We have a lot of detailing to do but, it is coming together!

On Sunday...we were able to finish recovering the rocking chair cushions! They were tough but we did it...well mom did most of it! But it looks and feels fabulous!

We also finished sewing the second pillow, this one is blue fuzzy material and has Pooh and Tigger on it...its so cute...I love making stuff! He better appreciate all this work his Mama and Mamie are putting into his room lol.

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