Thursday, September 1, 2011

More on the Nursery and Baby Update


Mom has been able to come over to the house pretty regularly to work on the painting in the nursery...we have made lots of progress :)

Piglet is finished and has a face!

The bees are chasing Pooh!

They are so cute!

These are the curtains I made...that light airy material was so hard to work with...I am not sure I will ever make sheer curtains again! I couldn't find the exact color of blue I wanted though, so the solution was to make them. I think they turned out pretty good! They make the room look much more boyish than the yellow/gold ones did.
We are working on recovering the rocking chair cushions now...they are almost finished too! The painting is well on its way and I think we will have it finished in no time at all.

I went for my two week check up yesterday :) We go every two weeks now...our little guy is right on track! He is the perfect size for 31 weeks along...and he is ALL in my belly! I have heard nothing but OMG you look so pregnant...he is like a watermelon in your abdomen. Which he is, I am very happy about it to...I have hardly gained any weight anywhere else except for my stomach. Jonathan likes to make all kinds of remarks about how perfectly round and huge my stomach is, but I don't just means everyone knows there is a baby in there. 

We went to see the hospital where he will be delivered :) We did the tour of the maternity was very informative and we got to see what the room will look like and some of there processes. They are all about parents bonding with the little ones and skin to skin contact as much as possible after delivery, he gets to stay in our room unless there is an emergency, which is really comforting. They will do his first bath with Jonathan and they even have hide-away beds for Jonathan to sleep on at night so he can stay with me until we are released. It was very nice to see everything and meet some of the nurses and know that this part of the hospital is its own separate wing so they specialize in lots of deliveries.

It is getting close and we are getting very excited. Jonathan will come out with these random comments all the time, like: "I can't wait to meet our son!" or "I want to see who he looks like!" it is very endearing.

I will keep updating as they come along...we have a VERY active little one growing rapidly so he will be making his entrance into this world in no time at all.

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  1. I don't know how I missed this post, but the nursery is looking great! I can't believe you're only 9 weeks (well, probably 8 now) out! How exciting!!

    I'm glad everything is going well for y'all!