Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maternity Photos

I finally decided to give in and take a few maternity photos, everyone said you will want to see them later on :) My mom was our photographer and we found all kinds of little props from our little guy's room. They actually turned out pretty good, I think it will be a much better photo shoot when the little guy is actually present in them but its a start...

I am not sure why the computer added the photos in this order but whatever...its a slide show I guess :)
That is my favorite doll for the little guy!
I am not used to taking serious pictures lol
Jonathan looked so dapper in his black shirt!
There is my extra large tummy!
By the lake
These were my favorite
The little blue bow is a nice touch!
My favorite picture of them all! Look at that smirk on Jonathan's face...he just couldn't keep it straight!
Jonathan's size 15 shoe...our little guys newborn sock!
The booties that were on the Baby Shower cake!
That rug was so soft, it is just like the one in the baby's room!
This was Jonathan's attempt at a crazy picture, it looks like he is breaking his neck :(
Makes me laugh every time!
I like the saying on the wall too!
Feels like I am bulging out!
More lake!
I felt huge there, he was pushing out!
I love it when Jonathan has his hands on my belly!
The heart!
A common sight! He loves feeling him kick him in the ear!
The weather outside was so beautiful...60's and cloudy :)
There's that smirk again!

I can deal with all the pregnancy plus' and minus' even those darn Braxton Hicks Contractions that I have been having since 29 weeks...the one thing that has started to bother me is the ridiculous swelling of my feet. It was like overnight that they all the sudden were three times the size they should be. I was doing so good then all the sudden...nope your feet are huge and you have an unquenchable thirst ALL the time! I have never drank so much water in my life. We are in the home stretch though! 6 weeks and counting until this little man's timer goes off...we can't wait!

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