Thursday, May 19, 2011

16 weeks!

I am now 16 weeks along :) It doesn't seem like that long when you say it in weeks...I don't know why cause 16 is a big number. It sounds better when you say 4 months. I have been battling nausea for 4 months, I was promised by all the magazines, experts and qualified professionals that the constant feeling of wanting to vomit should be going away but I beg to differ! Thank the Lord that my doctor is still ok with giving me Zofran. I have a baby bump now, as everyone likes to refer to it, I think other people notice and point it out before I even know. It is a strange feeling when your stomach is as hard as a rock and there is nothing you can do to suck it in or work it off :)

I felt the first baby movements today, I am positive that there have been lots of others now that I know what to expect. But, today was the first day that I realized and could pinpoint what it was. When I push on the right side of my very hard stomach, almost instantly afterwards, there is a flutter of movements :) It is a comforting feeling because before this point, I couldn't tell if the little one was alive and well.

Our next appointment is on the 26th and my doctor always does an ultrasound so I will have new pictures. If she can tell what the sex is, we will have her write it down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope...we want to wait to see what it is until we have people to share it with. I promised my mom that she could be at that ultrasound but she will be out of town until our June 2nd ultrasound so we will all find out together on that day :)

Well until next time, ttfn

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