Monday, April 18, 2011

New Baby Pictures!!!

We went to the Genetics Doctor to do some counseling and tests to make sure that the baby does not have Noonan's Syndrome or any form of it as well as some other common disorders! Since my family has a history of some of these disorders, we are taking all the precautions. One of the great things about going through all of these tests is that we get to have extra ultrasounds :)

This past week, we went to one of our extra ultrasounds and got to see the baby in much more detail...Jonathan was like a kid in a candy shop he was so excited!

Here are the pictures:

 It was moving up a storm, its straightening its back here :)

This is one of my favorites cause you can see the arms and legs!

It has its Daddy's head already :)

Our next ultrasound is scheduled for June 3rd, this is when they will take an in depth look at the four chambers of the heart and make sure there are no visible defects. Not that it would matter but it may help us be better prepared in case there was something to worry about.

The more exciting part though, is that it will be such an in depth ultrasound that if we want to know the sex of our baby, we will get to find out early :) And Jonathan DEFINITELY wants to know so I think I will let him have this victory, he has kinda convinced me and now I want to know too! Its so much easier if I know whether or not to buy blue or pink!

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  1. I know I'm late with the comment on here, but I LOVE the pictures! Isn't that the most thrilling thing ever??? I so looked forward to prenatal visits and especially ultrasounds (although hearing that heartbeat was pretty sweet too).

    Hope you're feeling great and enjoying pregnancy!!