Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Flowers are Blooming!

Well, I know I talk about flowers and spring a lot, but I just love it! My yard and garden look so fabulous right now with all the rain we got and now the sunshine :) Beautiful blooms are opening up everywhere, its spectacular!

This is a miniature rose bush that we got on clearance last year! It was a twig when we brought it home and now look at it, in full bloom!

The wisteria looks even grander now that it has leaves along with the gorgeous purple flowers!

In our front yard, the azaleas are in FULL bloom, you can hardly see the leaves because there are so many pink flowers...

The pansies are also gladly showing their colors. When we planted them, we were less than two weeks away from getting married so white was on the mind :)

My one Easter decoration is out! The cabbage plants are also blooming, little yellow flowers, who knew cabbage could have such pretty flowers?

Our Japanese Maple is only a year old and its HUGE! Everyone told us it was a slow grower and wouldn't get big fast, but it has doubled its size this past year! The color is its brightest red this time of year!

Don't mind the port-a-potty behind it, they are finishing a brand new home across the street, we are very excited about the prospect of living in a finished neighborhood! Although our newest new neighbors are a tad bit annoying seeing as they own four very large dogs and don't believe in bark collars. We keep to ourselves though so life is great!

I love spring! I wish it could be this beautiful all the time!

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