Sunday, October 5, 2014

River Stone Resort

We were lucky enough to be invited to go along with Aunt Kate and Pops on their mountain vacation. We stayed at the River Stone Resort in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It was a beautiful 3 bedroom condo that I would definitely recommend and will be staying at again in the future. 

We left Thursday morning and got into town around 3:00pm which gave us the whole evening to walk through Gatlinburg and see what treasures we could find. 

Kate, Josh and the girls went through the haunted house at Ripley's, we decided to pass on that scary adventure. 

We enjoyed dinner together at Calhouns restaurant. Paisley sampled the juice...Orange, she wasn't a huge fan.

Yes, she is playing with an Advil bottle! It has a great kid-proof lid and you have to get creative with a grumpy toddler so don't judge! She was drooling like a 4 month old so I think her last 4 teeth are getting ready to pop up and she suddenly had a very stuffy nose so her mood was not great. 

Sebastian was in heaven as his best friends, Emma and Lilly were spending every minute with him.

Friday we had planned on going to Dollywood but the weather did not, we went shopping instead, played on the playset between downpours and hung out at the condo. 

Holy Saturday, we crammed a lot into one day! We really wanted to visit Dollywood for Emma's birthday so we got there bright and early. It was suddenly a chilly 57 degrees outside...the two days before it was in the 90s.

It didn't matter though, we bundled up nice and warm and followed the trusty navigators to the County Fair area to ride some awesome kiddie rides.

Along the way, we stopped to enjoy every piece of wonderful scenery and fall decor!

We rode the carousel... 

The kids roller coaster...

Drop zone, also kids size...

The piggy ride...

The bee ride...

Paisley was not a fan of any so she watched a lot..

I took over newborn duties and daddy started to ride some of the attractions.

Like the scrambler...

We all hopped on the steam locomotive for a ride around the park. 

We ended our Dollywood adventure with souvenirs...

Our day did not end there though...we had already purchased tickets to the Lunberjack Feud Dinner Show before we knew we were going to Dollywood, so we headed straight there to enjoy dinner. 

Jonathan was chosen to climb the log and the girls were picked to man the slingshot!

It was a great dinner, we had a blast...Dixie Dawson was so much fun, she made the show! 

I'm going to finish out our weekend fun in another post as there are too many pictures to upload in just this be continued!

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