Sunday, September 7, 2014

Our New Normal

Well it has been much harder to go from two to three kids then it was to go from one to two. The simple logistics of trying to carry/wrangle three little people with only two arms speaks volumes! I feel like it would be an easier feat if mine were not so young. Paisley walks but not long distances and not in the direction or pace needed. Sebastian is all about his independence and refusing to sit in any stroller but definitely lacks the necessary speed to keep up with mommy, we either walk 2 mph or I am constantly asking him to "walk right beside mommy." Milo is very content to be snuggled up in mommy's carrier but that makes it hard to hold either of the other two. I am still under an activity and lifting exercise or strenuous activity and nothing over 10 lbs, but in what world can I possibly do that with three kids?!? I was very good about not lifting Paisley or Sebastian the first two weeks but then it just became impossible, I try not to carry her long distances but I can't resist her begging to be picked up...20 minutes of tears can be soothed instantly with a mommy hug/cuddle. 

I am so very thankful that Jonathan has been able to take 3 weeks off work to stay home and help me recover. He was invaluable! My mom stayed the first week to assist with meals and the older kids, which was incredible. It has taken until just this last Wednesday for me to start feeling somewhat normal again. My pain is finally minimal and my energy is back, my stomach can be touched without me cringing. Jonathan and I are both in agreement that if we want more kids, my body needs two years to rest and recover from these three surgeries in three years. I would go through hell for my babies and sometimes feel like I's all worth it when you see them and hold them and instantly love them! 

Monday marks my first week of being home alone with all three kids. I will definitely miss having Jonathan home to help and simply spending time together as a family! 

Sebastian and Paisley adore their new brother...they can't stay off of him. Sebastian definitely earns the 'Best Big Brother' award, he's just incredible. Paisley is a sweetheart as well, she has moments of being obsessed with Milo then not so interested but she is still super sweet and gives him tons of kisses. 

Life with three is super busy but I still wouldn't change it! They are each so unique and so wonderful in their own way! They each help to complete this family of five!

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