Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Holy Weight Gain!

Milo had his 1 month check up yesterday morning, it had actually only been 2 1/2 weeks since we had seen the doctor due to fighting the bilirubin so long, but we still managed to put up impressive numbers! The doctor walked into our room exclaiming, "holy cow, he has some impressive weight gain!" He went from 5lbs 12ozs, during his battle with his bilirubin, to 9lbs 2ozs yesterday! Due to his age, 5 weeks, he is only measuring in the 18th percentile for weight but that's up from 2% at birth so we'll take it! 

His height only increased by a little less than half an inch so he remains in the 3rd percentile for height. Somehow, strangely, all of our children measure short despite their daddy being 6'2" and mommy 5'5". Neither of us are 'short' but idk maybe they are late bloomers. 

He got one little shot and we were on our way with three healthy babies! While in the waiting room I was questioned by three people about 'all my kids.' I guess I need to get used to the comments and looks...

...yes, they are all mine!
...yes, three under three!
...yes, life is crazy!
...yes, I am crazy! 
...yes. I might want even more someday! 

After the doctors office we decided to go walk around a shopping center. As you all know Sebastian HATES to have his haircut, but he was long overdue for one. We had been talking about him needing to have it cut and that we would have Mamie do it soon. It always takes a lot of prep and talking through it to make it a decent experience. Much to my surprise...we walked by the salon yesterday (the one with many crying, traumatic experiences) and he said to me, "mommy, I need cut hair. I not cry, I get tollpop?" I jumped on the opportunity and said...yes, you can have a lollipop if you get your haircut and don't cry! He was brave and said, "I trwy, mommy, I trwy!" So, we twyd and he did great!

He was so brave and was a great boy through the whole cut!

When we got home, my order of their winter hats had arrived in the mail. Naturally, we had to try them out! 

So, this little man is growing up nicely! His brother and sister adore him! I will just get him to sleep and they will want to play with him and hold and poke him, poor guy! 

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