Saturday, April 26, 2014

18 Week Ultrasound

We finally made it to our 18 week ultrasound...sometimes it felt like we had waited forever and then others I was like "geez, 18 weeks already!" September can take its time getting here, I need more time to spoil the two I have...and not be sore from delivery. I feel like it takes longer to recover from delivery then adjust to having a new baby. 

The ultrasound went beautifully...we had a wonderful tech who explained everything in detail. She was very sweet and that just makes the whole process more exciting. It was the first time I actually got a great profile picture! I would always see these wonderful profile pictures and wonder how they got those cause all mine were always blurry or almost profile! I was so worried that baby wouldn't cooperate for us finding out the gender since we were actually having a gender party this time. BUT, it did wonderfully...when it came time to see, the baby was very accommodating. 

We have the in-depth fetal medicine ultrasound to rule out any birth defects or issues due to our past history and family history. Thankfully, everything looked great...we have a very heathy baby growing in there. We can't wait for it to join our family in the fall!

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  1. Oh Kieran, I'm so happy for you two!!! Just YESTERDAY I was thinking about a comment you'd made on your blog after Paisley was born about her being your last and thinking, "oh that's so sad; they're such wonderful parents!" I'm so so happy to hear about Baby #3 :-D. Here's to many many more happy healthy holy adorable Dean babies!! :)