Thursday, May 2, 2013

Strawberry Picking

We have been waiting and waiting for a single ray of sunshine so we could venture out to pick farm fresh strawberries. We have been plagued with buckets of rain for the last week and a half. The ground isn't soggy, it's one endless puddle. Sebastian has been quite a challenge as a tantrum ensues every time he is told he can't go outside...he doesn't really understand mud yet!

Anyway, it rained last night and drizzled this afternoon but we decided to risk it and headed out with Uncle Sam and Mamie to pick a few buckets...thankfully, the weather pretty much held off for us! It drizzled some while we were there but let up, then all we had to do was deal with the mud, we walked gingerly!

Sebastian did very well and figured out that we were aiming for the red ones...not green! THEN, Daddy let it slip that they were edible...oops, his beautiful blue polo is now stained with strawberry juices! We couldn't catch him fast enough between picking them and putting them in his mouth!

It was fun, of course there are no photos of me as I am the only one who thinks to document such adventures with photographic evidence! We came home with a gallon of fresh, delicious strawberries and a few new fond memories!

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