Friday, May 17, 2013

Paisley's Professional Newborn Shots

I can't believe I forgot to post all the professional pictures we had taken when Paisley was 11 days old! They took awhile to get to me so I haven't had them too long but they turned out great, despite very little cooperation from the model! Sebastian has a few in there as well! Pictures were taken by Samantha at Two Little Monkey's Photography.

Very cute picture but not how he actually feels, he wasn't hip on laying down!

One of the only two positions we could actually get her to sleep for.

Mamie hand crocheted the blanket she is laying on!

I guess Mama was trying to rub some girly traits off here!

Love the tutu and bow, thanks to Mamie!

I think the awake shots are just as fabulous.

This shot has some significance: the lace in the box is actually my mother's wedding dress!

This one is special as well, that is my veil and my mom's wedding dress.

I don't love my look here but there weren't many to choose from.

Love this one with Jonathan and Paisley.

This picture just shows everyone how HUGE Jonathan's feet are...size 15!

Sebastian was not about to miss out on all the fun with Daddy's old Camos!

Can't you tell how adorable he is here...gets his personality beautifully!

The only family one we could get...Sebastian was a bit antsy...again, don't love how I look but everyone else looks great!

Three generations of girls!

Mamie and Paisley, she does so much for us!!!
Well that is all of them...once again, so worth it to have these great pictures of my babies!!! If you have never had professional pictures done, you should def do it...its worth the money!

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