Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stud of the Month

Sebastian should be crowned the Stud of the Month...he is breezing right on through his milestones in the mobility department. He successfully crawled several consecutive steps in a row on July 5th! Since that wonderful discovery, the world is at his fingertips, literally!

Overnight, he has become a WHIZ in the crawling department and he is not interested in doing it for long, he is already trying to stand and take steps on his own. He had two bruised eyes in a 48 hour time frame because of it, lol.

Let's just say that Jonathan and I are a lot more at ease about his development seeing that he picks up on new skills VERY quickly. We were a bit concerned with his not so comforting entrance into this world. No one could tell us for sure if there would be any permanent damage after five long minutes of unresponsiveness, but we are both a little less worried since he seems to be excelling in many development areas. 

He is becoming quite the little character these days...between the very slobbery kisses to his giggling fits to his less than thrilling appetite for broccoli, he never ceases to amaze us. He absolutely loves to have the palms of his hands tickled :) He desires to eat absolutely everything that Jonathan and I eat and is none too thrilled about that gross stuff called baby food! He had pizza for the first time last night and I couldn't get it onto his tray fast enough!

He has developed the highest pitched scream/squeal imaginable when he wants more or wants to be held...we are working on changing that into some words because the scream is killing us! His little pincher fingers are his greatest asset now...he was using them to hand Mommy pieces of cat hair from the carpet last night...I guess its time to vacuum again :) 

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