Monday, July 16, 2012

9 Months Old

Nine months....My. Baby. Is. Nine. Months. Old!!! OMG, it certainly has felt like my world has been revolving around the little munchkin for the past nine months but whoa does time fly. You wait your whole life to become a Mama and feel like your pregnant for ages and then in a blink of an eye your baby is already nine months old, three months away from a full year!!!

Happy Nine Months Baby!
I love being a mother, I was born to be a mother...I can never get enough of that adorable little mini me. People are always asking us if we want a break or come hang out and leave him with Grandma, but I can't, he's my life, he goes everywhere with us. This is my time to spoil him and spend as much time as possible with him cause I won't always have that opportunity. He will be a big brother someday and then he will lose all the spoiling one-on-one time and become the responsible older brother. Right now he is 100% a Mama's Boy and I love it!

He always grins big when Mama talks to him in the car!
Now, he may be a Mama's boy but he also loves his Daddy...A WHOLE HEAPING WOW loves his Daddy...he like to makes funny faces at his Daddy!

I have no idea what this face is for!
Look at those cheeks!
Sebastian's appetite has changed a bit...he still HATES baby food, wants nothing to do with it....Mommy and Daddy are going broke trying different are giving up!

This is the face after several bites of pasta primavera baby food.
This would be the face after Mama shared some of her homemade chili!
How dare Mommy and Daddy eat something and not offer it to him...who do they think they are? He is so hilarious when it comes to food....if he even hears/sees someone chewing, he reaches for your mouth or crawls across the room to get to you!

Yummy, this boy LOVES pizza, just like his Daddy!
I could not put the pizza bits onto the tray fast enough, he is a quick little booger with those pincher fingers!

Let's just say this was a fun meal!

Who knew Pizza was so funny!

Oh, the concentration!

And were laughing again!

Big boy in his highchair!
Although his appetite never seems to be far away, he is still teetering on 20-21 pounds...his official 9 month weigh in is on the 30th so we will see exactly how much he is. His height however, has been steadily climbing, literally up our wall!

I think its safe to say that he will have Daddy's height!
Sebastian is a crawling master now...he can look quite funky though, he is not fond of putting weight on his left knee so he does this half crawl half scoot along move. But, he gets where he wants to go so, it works! He is also getting really confident on his feet...he can stand still and move from furniture piece to furniture piece all by himself so walking is right around the corner! 

Well that is my nine month old...he is such a character, definitely has his Daddy's personality and sense of humor...I love the big sloppy kisses that he plants on my cheeks! I love, Love, LOVE this little man!

Eating frozen yogurt!

On a different not, I am so excited that my corporation will be the Presenting Sponsor of the 2012 Isabella Santos Foundation 5k for Kids Cancer in September, more to come on that exciting fundraising event for a great cause!

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  1. Have you heard of Baby-Led Weaning? Sebastian sounds like he's into it.. :) Just a thought. We're probably going to try it with Molly whenever she gets around to eating "real" food. ;)

    He's too cute!! Love all of his little expressions.