Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Paisley's 3rd Birthday Celebration

I have gotten quite lax in the posting department but only because I'm so busy enjoying life. 

I did want to make sure I posted about Paisley's wonderful Tea Party birthday. 

She was dressed to impress in her beautiful princess gown that twirled just perfectly. 

She even helped set up the decorations before the guests arrived. Unfortunately, while playing on the swing set with her Uncle, she somehow managed to injure her neck and spent the entire first hour of her party in excruciating pain. She finally got relief when we wrapped it up and kept her from moving a whole lot. 

She must have pulled a muscle cause it ended up bothering her for several days. 
The piñata was a hit and took every child, plus Uncle Sam to break it.

We eventually made our way inside for some afternoon tea and cake!

Paisley's favorite afternoon activity inspired the whole party. 

Even the boys enjoyed some tea. 

She picked up on the three fingers very quickly. 

Finally a smile instead of crying. 

She loved having all her friends over. 

Milo mostly enjoyed the balloons. 

Gifts are always an adventure.

She really stocked up on the princess gear!

Her new Anna gown was her favorite for quite a few days!

I did not get to take as many pictures as I would have liked cause I spent the first hour or more carrying her around and nursing the injured neck but we had a blast celebrating our special princess!!! Three years old already, I really can't believe it!

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